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b. 1986, HK.

JennO'Brien_WenhamTopsfield_ExteriorPortrait_v2_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
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I have been living and breathing design and architecture since I was born.  My father is a contractor/woodworking craftsman and my mother is a designer, so it really is all I have ever known.  Our homes were always, and I mean ALWAYS, a work in progress.  Thanks to that, I am very comfortable in the un-comfortable, messy phase of construction and re-design.  I celebrate the finished product, but then, in the words of Mr. Jay-Z, am “onto the next one.”  

My background in fashion and marketing, combined with my obsessive love and constant study of furniture, design and architecture have made me the designer I am today.  While in fashion, I worked in the International business segment, traveling the world, managing the brands in each global territory. Here I met interesting people and experienced different cultures, designs and most importantly, different perspectives on life. In marketing, I strategized and managed brand campaigns for companies such as Nike, Inc. and Skullcandy; understanding where their brand goals met consumer needs and how to capture and maximize engagement. Through these experiences, I gained a 360 view of a project’s life cycle, from conception to completion; what it takes to be successful and how to partner with multiple parties to meet and exceed objectives and expectations. I apply those skills in each design project, where I work closely with my client to understand who they are, what their needs are, the parameters of the job as well as their hopes and dreams, to then build them a space that is its best version.

Our homes are our charging stations.  They need to work seamlessly, make us feel centered and peaceful, and look killer at the same time!  We should maximize every day spent in them…use the good stuff, sit on the nice sofa…..LIVE!